Friday / October, 14


13h00 – 14h30

Reception and Registration of Participants

14h30 – 15h00

Opening Ceremony

President IPVC / Secretary of State for Forestry and Rural Development / President C.M. Viana do Castelo / President C.M. Ponte de Lima / President ESA/IPVC / Regional DIrector for Agriculture and Fishery of  the North Region


Session 1.  Physiotherapy - Use and Applications

Moderator: Alexandre Nuno de Vieira e Brito


15h00 – 15h30

Physiotherapy - Use and Applications for Pets

Speaker: Claudio Ronaldo Pedro (BR)

15h30 – 16h00

Physiotherapy - General Therapeutic Indications

Speaker: Maria Perez (ES)

  16h00 – 16h30

                                       Nutrition as a complement to physical therapy

        Speaker: Maria Margarida Tomé (Portugal)


Coffee break             


Session 2. Dog Sporting.

Moderator: Manuel Martins


17h00 – 17h30

Dog Sporting - Practices: Mushing and Flyball

Speakers: Luís Filipe Ribeiro (PT) / José Ferreira da Silva (PT)

17h30 – 18h00

Dog Sporting in Portugal

Speakers: Luís Filipe Ribeiro (PT) / José Ferreira da Silva (PT)

18h00 -

Work Dogs Demonstration - GNR (PT)



Saturday /October, 15


Session 3. Physical Rehabilitation Techniques I.

Moderator: Álvaro Mendonça


9h30 – 10h15

Physical Rehabilitation Techniques: Massage

Speaker: Sabine Mai (AT)

10h15 – 11h00

Physical Rehabilitation Techniques: Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy

Speaker: Daniel Gonçalves (PT)

11h00– 11h30

Coffee break


Session 4. Physical Rehabilitation Techniques II.

Moderator: Augusto Gouveia


11h30 – 12h15

Physical Rehabilitation Techniques: Passive vs. Active Therapeutic Exercises

Speaker:  Marion Mueller (AT)

12h15 – 13h00

Physical Rehabilitation Techniques: Hydrotherapy

Speaker: Maria Perez (ES)


13h00 – 14h30

Lunch break


Session 5. Physical Rehabilitation Techniques III.

Moderator: Fulvio Marsilio


14h30 – 15h15

Physical Rehabilitation Techniques: Electrotherapy

Speaker: Marion Mueller (AT)

15h15 – 16h00

Physical Rehabilitation Techniques: Ultra Sound

Speaker: Sabine Mai (AT)

16h00 – 16h30

Coffee break


Session 6. Physical Rehabilitation Techniques IV.

Moderator: Libby Earle


16h30 – 17h15

Physical Rehabilitation Techniques: ESWT

Speaker: Maria Peres (ES)

17h15 – 18h00

Physical Rehabilitation Techniques: Lasertherapy

Speaker: Sabine Mai (AT)

18h00 -

Poster Session



Evening gala dinner



Sunday /October, 16


Session 7. Alternative and Emerging Therapies.

Moderator: Helena Vala


9h00 – 9h45

Stem Cells in Physical Therapy

Speaker: Maria Perez (ES)

9h45 – 10h30

Alternative and Emerging Therapies - Western Veterinary Acupuncture

Speaker: Claudio Ronaldo Pedro (BR)

10h30 – 11h15

Therapies and Emerging Alternatives - Chinese Traditional Medicine

Speaker: Sabine Mai (AT)

11h15 – 11h30

Coffee break


11h30 – 12h30

Roundtable - The Role of Veterinary Nurse

Alexandre Nuno de Vieira e Brito, Libby Earle, Fulvio Marsílio, Catherine Fernandes, Veterinary Nursing Student (ESA/IPVC)


12h30 - 13h00

Closing Session